Vacation Insurance
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Cruise travel insurance is the
BEST investment for your cruise
trip that you can make.

If you opt OUT of paying for the
insurance that the cruise line
and/or travel agent offers and
purchase your own travel
insurance, a LOT of the time you
will save more money and have
better coverage by going through
an independent agency such as
Allianz Travel Insurance, Travelex
Insurance Service or AIG Travel
You would like to believe that your
cruise vacation will go as planned.
But if something happens, you
want to be prepared. The Travel
Insurance Plans has features like
comprehensive trip cancellation
and primary emergency medical
coverage, 24-hour travel
assistance, and optional benefits
to tailor the plan to your travel
needs. Plus –
no charge for
covering kids under 18 or surprise
processing fees!

Also, you can ask your travel
agent to give you a Travel
Insurance quote for your cruise

Cruise, Tour & Travel
A premier travel insurance coverage! This plan provides
comprehensive PRIMARY travel insurance coverage including Live
travel assistance services – a 24 hour “911” hot line for all types of
travel emergencies.

Protect Assist
This program is an affordable alternative to the all-inclusive plan
above but it still offers comprehensive insurance coverage and travel
assistance. This plan provides SECONDARY coverage.

Air Ticket Protection Plan
The lowest priced airfares today are non-refundable tickets. Travelers
who must cancel or change travel plans are forced to forfeit the cost
of the ticket or incur hefty change fees. This plan is exclusively for
airline tickets and provides comprehensive coverage for
cancellation/interruption, baggage, and travel assistance.

Pack 'N Go
Developed specifically for the last-minute traveler, this plan provides
low cost comprehensive insurance benefits while on your trip – think
of it as your “SOS” for all types of travel emergencies.

Flight Guard
Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance provides coverage
for you and your family. This flight insurance is coverage for the entire
duration of your trip while you are flying on commercial airlines.

Travel America
The Travel America Plan is ideal for family road trips or vacations
throughout the United States and Canada. This plan includes
roadside assistance, concierge services, and a 24 hour virtual travel

Collision Damage
If you rent cars and your company does not have an umbrella policy
to cover the Collision Damage Waivers in case of accidents or damage
to the rental car, this coverage will provide you with an affordable
alternative to the insurance rental car companies offer.

Bag Trak
This plan covers your baggage and personal possessions if they are
delayed, lost, or damaged during your travels for a full year, no matter
how many trips you take. It also includes baggage tracking service.